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Monday, February 13, 2012

How much weight does a father figure hold on the success of a woman's relationships?

Hmmm…so I’m watching Sex and the City (not a recommendation if you actually want to have a real-life, positive relationship with a man) and Carrie says “how much does a father-figure figure?”

Hmmm. The girls' on to something.

I don't know about you but I did not have a father figure growing up and was raised by a mother who had to work all the time so I spent a lot of time alone. I recognize this makes it difficult for me to have any type of generic relationship with a man because, well, I'm used to being alone, I'm quite a bit demanding, and I would rather stay alone than be in an unfulfilling relationship.

But here lately I have been dealing with the fact that whenever I AM in a relationship, I tend to require A LOT of time and affection. Carrie's comment makes me wonder: Is it really possible that I am so needy and insecure because I never had a man in my life who made me feel loved and valued? 

Common sense answer: yes. But is it really that simple?
And if so, am I destined to remain this way and run from potentially beneficial relationships for the rest of my life simply because I have no gauge upon which to measure my male interactions?

Surely there are women who were raised by a single mother who grew up able to have positive relationships?...surely?...right?

Remember when George Michael sang of being a girls' father figure? (is he smelling is arm pit? OM Gosh) He says, "and I will be the one who loves you 'til the end of time." {sigh} My heart and body swoon at the mere thought of a man saying this to me and meaning it. I wonder if deep down, this is all each of us really wants.

What do you think?
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