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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Season Opener

Okay, I'm going to be honest with you. This is gonna hurt.

The only time we as women need a blog like this is when we're doing stupid stuff, we SEE ourselves doing stupid stuff, but it's like an uncontrollable dry heave that simple cannot be stopped.

So what you read here is going to say some things you REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want to hear, but you know it's true deep down and also, you're here. So that means you must need to hear it.

So let's go ahead and do the work. Rip off the bandaid. Break these crappy dating habits and get to what we really want anyway: love. Real love. The kind that truly exists, not that movie theater BS. That's 80% of our problem. We've got these unrealistic expectations and even a good man is not enough for us anymore (you know there's a guy you can think of right now that was truly a good man and was better to you than any man has ever been-see his face? Yeah. And you walked away. Why? Because he didn't fulfill some expectation you had that is most likely unattainable when put in combination with all of the things you TRULY need. All of the things that he provided...tell the truth. You know I'm hitting home. Heck, I'm hitting home for myself).

So that's what this blog is for. Stopping the madness and cutting off the habit of wasting time by pursuing men that clearly do not want us.

Yes you may love him and yes, he is absolutely going to regret his decision one day. But hanging around and pining for him, being distracted from your work because of him, and not letting any other guys have a shot with you is only destroying your potential to have real happiness some day.

So take my hand. Let's do the damn thing together and break the chains once and for all.

Share with me your stories, your questions, and your hurts and we'll get through them one day at a time.

Come on. Let's move on together.


  1. You're so right on, my dear. Too often we expect "perfection" and "romance" like on celluloid and we do ourselves and others a disservice. Or we're so embittered over former lovers that we take it out on our current love. However, there comes a time--like my last relationship--that fundamentals such as fidelity and truth are breached. This is incompatible with healthy love. Gotta love ourselves enough to stop the fantasy and move on to an investment in a person willing to sacrifice their libido and ego to commit in a mutually exclusive and truly loving way. :)

  2. You are so right. Please feel free to come back and share your thoughts anytime. - Bridgette