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Monday, November 14, 2011

The simple truth: No man can do it all for you.

This hot body here is most likely attached to an unemployed waiter who lives with his parents, has no outlook on the future, and struggles in the sack because of all the "vitamins" and Jager Bombs. Sorry girls. No man in the world truly "has it all."

I’m sorry and I wish it wasn’t so. But this is one of the major issues for women today. We expect men to be like in the romance fairy tales. Strong, strapping, protective, passionate…a super hero in our lives. When that type of personification is translated into real like and attached to a real person, it should not be surprising that it falls short. 

Now, of course we don’t really expect “super men” but we do expect some things that I’ve learned very rarely come hand in hand simply because it is not plausible.

For instance, a great sex life.

That is something many women truly desire and need and it seems simple and acceptable to think that find this would be a relatively easy thing to do. However, given the fact that most women need emotional stimulation in order to have the openness with a man that produces great sex internally (no pun intended), there are stipulations put on the type of man who we can have great sex with right up front. 

Things like wining and dining us. Things like emotional attention and physical affection prior to the bedroom experience. Feeling safe and comfortable with the man.

The problem is, these things take time to build. Time which some men, particularly the ones that you actually want in your life, may not have time to give. 

Let me be more specific:
If you want great sex, that requires the man to be someone you have fun with, have an emotional connection with, and have spent enough time with to become comfortable.

BUT, if you want a man who is ambitious, not a slacker, gainfully employed, and has the wisdom to know moreso what to do with a woman emotionally and how to handle her shifts, you’re talking about an older man, most likely a business man of some sort, who does not have a lot of time to spare because he’s out handling his business, but does not want to be alone either so tries to balance work with pleasure and is unable to do so to your satisfaction because, by nature, most men are not able to effectively focus on one thing at a time. It’s just their nature.

So you’re now in a position where you have to choose A. Great sex with a slacker kind of guy (because he has all the time in the world to talk to you about how you feel, spend time with you (even though he can only take you to McDonald’s), and he can give you that romance and fore play you need for the start of a great sexual experience built upon affectionate emotions.

OR you can have the nice man who has some things going for himself and, thus, can probably only see you once, maybe twice per week, leaving you to wonder if he has a woman on the side (he might, but if he is a financially successful man, her name is most likely ‘Dola Bill). He will not be able to cultivate feelings of passion in you as much unless you spend a very long time getting to know him as you two have a schedule that allows it. He WILL, however, be very dependable, he will be a help to you in times of need, and when you do have physical interactions, he will not take it for granted.

So in a way, I think this may be written for the men. We ladies are always trying to get them to do both sides of the coin; great sex and fun times on a regular base AND financially stability and ambition. When the truth is, only very very very few men can actually do this. 

We expect it from them because we know that it is within ourselves and we never take the time to fully consider their limitations as being natural and not necessarily something they can really help.

So it’s time to make a decision, ladies. Sex and quality time or Money and dependability.

Sucks to have to choose doesn’t it? I’m opting for the get one of each category and live it up! 

Happy hunting!
Girls are Grand!

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